Alright guys nows the time to follow me!

2017-10-16 20:10:01 by GhostDestroyer

I have started back again, bigger, better and far more equipted!

I'm back in business making beats, after a nice break, I started back at it even better this time(Put the bong down :) ) And the boose. So i'm on my A game now. About to start making more samples and loops in FL to play with. until then Ill be dropping all kinds of neat beats, stay tuned and godbless!


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2017-10-16 20:16:07

Good for you! But it's not the equipment that makes you good, it's the quality of your content :)

(Updated ) GhostDestroyer responds:

Your right and my quality only gets better, with a more suitable computer with a bigger and more quality screen along with a louder and more crisp audio, I can both hear and see what I'm doing far better then I was with my laptop.

These little changes and what I use to mix my songs helps alot lol.
so does not being drunk and high all the time lol.

Thank you for the follow!